Nordic Surfers Magazine Conversations Podcast Ep.23 John Malmqvist

Welcome to the 23rd episode of the Nordic Surfers Magazine Conversations Podcast presented by Kona Brewing and their Big Wave Golden Ale. This episode features a recent interview with John Malmqvist who is the co-founder and manager of Surfers Lodge Peniche but also the central character in a new documentary on SVT called En Sjukt Stor Våg which follows John as he sets out on a mission to tow into huge Nazare.

The documentary is mind-blowing and John’s story a truly inspiring and adrenaline filled one.

A huge thanks to John for taking the time to chat. This podcast episode is epic!

This episode is also brought to you by Kona Brewing and their Big Wave Golden Ale. As many of you know, winter is usually the time when swells are more consistent in the Nordics and journeys must be had when the winds blow strong enough. When it all comes together, it can be the stuff of legend. It’s just the same in Hawaii, sort of…

During the winter months, the Hawaiian Islands are legendary too, with the islands’ north and west coasts seeing waves that often climb up to 40 feet. Now that summer seems to be going (or even gone) it’s time to reminisce the days and nights enjoyed with friends and family while steeling ourselves for the opportunities that Fall and Winter will provide.
Don’t despair the cold – the Baltics are finally starting to light up and local breaks are delivering the goodies.
There’s always liquid aloha to keep the summer spirit alive with Big Wave Golden Ale.
It’s available in your local beer shop.


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