The first of many Baltic memories to be shared; from a session at a wave I call Gláser. Gláser has been of huge importance to me. A wave that has given so much joy and knowledge, and one that has been somewhat of a studio and sanctuary for adventure and creativity.

At home we live by the balance of trying to maximise the times we actually have surf, and knowing when you must sacrifice waves for waves in order for something spectacular to happen. We’re used to the chase; arriving without expectation, doing the math, listening to your gut, making a decision; usually hearing the call of other potential waves, reachable before nightfall. In the name of fascination and research. However sometimes you have to sit put… sit put, forget the math, and let the sea surprise you. Glad we didn’t walk away this day, glad for the new perspective. Glaser always delivers.

Freddie Meadows

Cinematography: Morgan Maassen & Adam Falk

Soundtrack: DjRUM – Creature PT 1. Edit: FM

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