Nordic Surfers Magazine Conversations Podcast Ep.02 Tim Latte

This second episode is much closer to home, with Sweden’s own Tim Latte sitting down for a chat. Discussing about – the troubling situation in Nicaragua, where he s setting up his own new venture – Surfing at Torö, Sweden – Localism and – the purpose behind Tim’s recent involvement with surfing sustainability company Revolwe.

Welcome to the second episode of the Nordic Surfers Magazine Conversations Podcast, a podcast hosted by NSM Associate Writer Joshua Kirkman where he meets and interviews special guests from the surfing world both here in the Nordics and further abroad. 

We enjoyed producing this episode, so we hope you enjoy listening to it! Feedback on this episode and ideas for future episodes is most definitely welcomed and you can let us know by leaving a comment in SoundCloudFacebook or Instagram.

If you enjoyed listening to ‘Aska’ by Legbiter then make sure you check them out on Spotify.


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