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New film by our redactor Jakob Wallin with the Gotland crew

Weird Al

Andy Davis +Alex Knost + Jake Coleman + Connan Mockasin.... Amazing! "This is a variation of a short animation we did for Jack Coleman's film...

The Rincon Super Awesome Mini Movie

Totally Super Awesome Mini Movie by Morgan Maasen "This is a video i made of my friends and I surfing the wave we call home."...

Bus Guy

While on a surf trip in Norway, Cyrus Sutton and Yazzy found a guy living in a bus in the middle of the tundra....



In the depths of the southern hemisphere, Pete Devries and Ian Fontaine found what they were looking for. The Canadian and the Frenchman roamed the...


Ryan Callinan, Jack Freestone, Luana Silva and Anna Gudauskas in the Lofoten. A Billabong X Wasted Talent film. The surfers were greeted by raw,...

Summer synergy in South Iceland

From our past issue nr. 23 of Nordic Surfers Magazine. Photos Chris Burkard & text by Michael Kew. The premise: Nordic daylight. July 2015: winter is miles...