Jakob Wallin


Carrots and Pinetrees

Old cars, new fuels and some surf on Gotland, Sweden. A film by Jakob Wallin https://vimeo.com/113256953

The bottle and the biosphere

Wolfgang Brunner presents his bottled ecosystem. This film from our redactor Jakob Wallin illustrates the principles of life on earth, where resources are limited...


New film by our redactor Jakob Wallin with the Gotland crew https://vimeo.com/63153349


Mason Ho’s Medieval Madness

Watch Mason Ho's incredible footage of a shallow, savage Scottish slab together with his mate Gearóid Mcdaid . "Go get in you car, put on...

The Color of Winter: A Film by Rob Machado and Pat Stacy

Likewise the tranquil and beautiful style of Rob Machado, "The Color of Winter" is a true gem. Watch it now. Five years in the...

Ryan Lovelace – Flow State

A brief look into the life of Ryan Lovelace, and the philosophy that underpins his craft. Ryan Lovelace is a prolific, master hand shaper,...