Papersurf, A Snowsurf made out of Paper

“This board represents a new way of experiencing our mountains. It lands right between surfing and snowboarding. Besides the obvious fun side of it, I believe in accelerating carbon independence, through taking action with innovation. To make something most people think is impossible, a snow surf out of paper, to inspire life and play. Also to inspire companies to take the step further and look at alternative materials. But to me everything starts with: FUN.”

Vincent Skoglund, Founder, Papersurf

Papersurf is Based in Stockholm, Sweden, making premium snow surf equipment. Ranking joy, playfulness and expression higher than must-do rules. With a groundbreaking snow surf (with fins!) that represents the future of sports equipment. Papersurf serves as a testament to the possibilities of creating products that not only reduce their negative environmental impact but also seamlessly blend with the natural world.

”It’s an advanced bio Composite with 0,00% fossil carbon. All Papershell projects generate an immediate carbon reduction of between 90-98% compared to smilar products. This also marks a milestone for PaperShell as their first product to hit the market”

Learn more about Papersurf snowsurf here:

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