Nordic Surfers Magazine Conversations Podcast Ep.11 Stockholm Environment Institute

This episode is a little different from previous ones, as it is part of the food campaign that we launched in our last print issue of the magazine. This week’s podcast is an interview with Karina Barquet, a Research Fellow at the Stockholm Environment Institute who discusses Baltic Sea health and the research she is doing through an EU-funded project called Bonus Return that is focused on eco-technologies that reconcile key conflicting challenges inhibiting sustainable development in urban and rural settings within the Baltic Sea Region whilst reducing nutrient enrichment and carbonization in water bodies.

It’s quite an interesting topic and initiative and one that is connected to the food we eat and the place that many of us love to surf.

Karina herself has a background in Human Geography (PhD) from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Development Studies (MsC) from Lund University, and Peace and Conflict Studies (Ba) from Malmö University. Karina’s research focuses on the political and social dimensions of environmental governance, with key themes including: environmental security, transnational governance, political ecology, border studies, and politics of scale.

More information about the Stockholm Environment Institute can be found here

Information about the BONUS RETURN initiative that was discussed in the podcast can be found here

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This 11th episode of the Nordic Surfers Magazine Conversations Podcast is brought to you by Oatly.

They are the people that make vegan, plant-based oat drinks that provide maximum nutritional value and minimal environmental impact. As many of you know it is important to think about what we eat and drink if we want to have a planet to live and surf on in the future. Swapping cow’s milk for oat drink in your coffee or on your cereal can save 80% on greenhouse gas emissions.

Since we are talking about keeping the Baltic clean in this episode, Oatly would like you to know that in Europe, we consume about 70% more protein than our bodies need, most of which comes from animals. Some of that excess protein gets turned it fat, and some of the protein which contains nitrogen ends up in Baltic because eventually we have to urinate, either in your wetsuit or back on land in a proper facility. Regardless of your preferred form of discharge, unnecessary nitrogen in the Baltic isn’t something positive for surfers, so it’s worth thinking about.

Oatly also sponsors Freddie Meadows and because Freddie knows all of this already, he has nothing to do with supplying excess levels of nitrogen into the Baltic. Thanks Freddie for keeping the Baltic clean and for drinking your oats.

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