Nordic Surfers Magazine Conversations Podcast Ep.09 Dave Rastovich

This new episode of our podcast is an interview with a true icon of surfing – Dave Rastovich.

You know Rasta well, for his unique free-surfing style and ability to master many types of wave-riding craft, but also for his environmental activism, including work to help stop whaling in the water off Antarctica and more recently, oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight. This podcast episode covers these actions by Rasta but also dives into his career and journey as a free-surfing professional.

It’s a cracker to say the least.

If you would like more information about the proposed oil drilling by Equinor in the Great Australian Bight or would like to take action yourself, the following links will be helpful:

Nordic Surfers Magazine Conversations Podcast is hosted by NSM Senior writer Joshua B. Kirkman where he meets and interviews special guests from the surfing world both here in the Nordics and further abroad. We all know there are plenty of characters in surfing, so this is NSM’s attempt to help you, the listener, get to know these characters of the surfing world better.


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